'BRUTAL' Latest 'What's New' Villain Addition to the New 52

Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

Brutal is the latest villain to make his debut as part of DC's 'What's New in the New 52' feature that's supposed to showcase "what's new, different and exciting in The New 52" but has so-far been used exclusively to showcase new or revamped bad-guys (and girls). 

"There’s an incredibly powerful new villain that’ll be showing up soon in the pages of Earth 2," wrote DC Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras. "But what’s underneath Brutal’s armor – and who is he really?! All that we know for certain is that his shocking true identity will shake Earth 2 to its core …"

Previous DC 'What's New' editions have featured teases of the 'Anti-Batman and Robin' Wrath and ScornJoker's Daughter, Dr. PhosphorusCount Vertigo, Cheshire and Bronze TigerCyborg Superman, Lady Vic , and the new Green Lantern villain Relic.

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