Trailer Park: ALL MAN OF STEEL Trailers, TV Spots, Clips - Updated 6/6 W/ Nokia Full Trailer

Man of Steel Nokia trailer
Credit: Warner Bros.

We decided to make this your one-stop shop for every trailer and TV Spot so far. Feast your eyes on enough of Man of Steel footage to make you feel super, man. Now with a new full-length, wall-to-wall action trailer sponsored by Nokia, which we put right on top here for you.

Nokia Exclusive Full-Length Trailer

Teaser Trailer - Jonathan Kent Narration

Teaser Trailer - Jor-El Narration

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Trailer 3: "Fate of Your Planet"

TV Spot 1


ZOD Teaser - You Are Not Alone

TV Spot 2

TV Spot 3

TV Spot 4

TV Spot 5

TV Spot 6

TV Spot 7

TV Spot 8

TV Spot 9

TV Spot 10

TV Spot 11

TV Spot 12

Clip 1

Clip 2

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