DC Showcases SEVEN DEADLY SINS, Teases Pandora Conflict


The New 52 versions of old-school Captain Marvel foes "The Seven Deadly Sins" have already debuted in Justice League's Shazam! back-up stories, and on Friday were the latest characters to be showcased in DC publicity's "What's New In The New 52" feature.

DC editor-in-chief Bob Harras presented artist Ryan Benjamin's character designs for all seven (including Wrath, with no presumed relation to the revamped Batman villain unveiled earlier in the week), along with a couple of hints about what role they might end up playing in the DC Universe — specifically teasing an impending confrontation with Pandora.

"Keep your eyes out for the Seven Deadly Sins as they become instrumental parts of Black Adam’s treacherous plan and create havoc and chaos in the final chapter of Shazam!" Harras is quoted. "Plus, a certain purple-hooded lady who’ll soon be starring in her own ongoing series may have a score to settle with the Sins in the coming weeks…"

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