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A day after showing off the New 52 version of Wrath, whom DC calls the "anti-Batman", the publisher is back with a look at Scorn (click on the above image for a closer look), his likely so-called "anti-Robin."

"Today, take a first look at Wrath’s partner-in-crime, Scorn," writes DC Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras in their latest "What's New in the New 52."

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When an anti-Batman character called The Wrath first appeared in the pre-New 52 Batman Special #1 by Mike Barr and Michael Golden in 1984, he was a loner, and he died in his very first appearance. However, in a 2008 Batman Confidential story by Tony Bedard and Rags Morales, a retcon revealed The Wrath (whose secret ID was never revealed in the old stories) had trained a "Robin" of his own, Elliot Caldwell.

Wrath & Scorn on THE BATMAN
Wrath & Scorn on THE BATMAN
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Characters specifically named "The Wrath" and "Scorn" appeared in the fifth season of the animated series The Batman, in 2008, around the same time as the Batman Confidential story. On the show, they were evil dopplegängers of Batman and Robin. The pair were the Mallory brothers, who shared The Wrath's comic book origin of having criminal parents who were killed (or apprehended, on the show) by police the same night Thomas and Martha Wayne were killed by Joe Chill.

Of course, there has been an Anti-Robin before at DC Comics as well. Harm, who was created by Peter David and Todd Nauck in Young Justice #4 in 1999, was Tim Drake's opposite number, a highly-trained sociopath who easily tore apart the team on multiple occasions. He later appeared on the recently-canceled Young Justice cartoon.

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Original story: In DC's latest edition of 'What's New in the New 52', editor-in-chief Bob Harras provides more images and info on Wrath - a new villain he calls the "anti-Batman" who will be introduced in the pages of July's Detective Comics #22

"There’s no denying that Batman is one of the strongest superheroes in the DC Universe," Harras wrote. "And with access to state-of-the-art technology, the Dark Knight has incredibly resources at his disposal to aid in his efforts fighting crime.

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"But what if Batman used his power for evil instead of good? Enter Wrath. He’s got all the same gadgets and vehicles as the Dark Knight – but his intentions for how they’re used couldn’t be more opposite. Mainly because they’re far more lethal..."

Wrath is the latest is what's apparently a new generation of rogues that will be creating havoc on the streets of Gotham City soon. An updated Dr. Phosphorus will be making his Catwoman debut soon, Joker's Daughter will "lurk under Gotham City," and Lady Vic is a new Batwing villain.

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Previous DC 'What's New' editions have featured teases of Count Vertigo, Cheshire and Bronze TigerCyborg Superman, and the new Green Lantern villain Relic.

Written by JOHN LAYMAN
Art and cover by JASON FABOK
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Meet The Wrath! In Gotham City, he’s the anti-Batman, and the body count is about to shoot through the roof! And in the backup story, Man-Bat makes a startling discovery!
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