What MARVEL COMICS Spoiler Did USA Today Reveal?

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Credit: Marvel Comics

Spoiler alert! There are SPOILERS for Daredevil #26, in stores TODAY in this article!

Credit: Marvel Comics

In an interview with USA Today , writer Mark Waid revealed the secret mastermind behind all of Daredevil's recent woes, and it is somewhat of a surprise return.

That's right, Bullseye, whom Matt Murdock thought he killed back during the Shadowland storyline, is back, and has been running a cadre of villains to make Daredevil and Matt Murdock's life a living hell. However, he's not exactly his old self.

Trapped in an iron lung, Bullseye is paralyzed, with only one sense available to him: sight, putting him in a direct opposition to the sightless hero he despises.

"I liked the idea of this master assassin now having to turn all that rage and anger into thought because he is not by nature a mastermind. He's a hired gun," Waid told USA Today. "But as he himself says to Daredevil, when you can't hear and you can't speak and you can't taste and you can't touch and you're just a prisoner of your own body, you'd be surprised at how much time you have to come up with plans."

Credit: Marvel Comics

The reveal of Bullseye as mastermind behind recent attacks from Lady Bullseye, Klaw, Ikari, and more, is a natural one, and one Waid revealed he's been leaving plenty of hints about throughout the story. As to why he needed to bring Daredevil's most popular foe back?

"He's too good a villain to lay low forever," the writer says. "He's still putting the bull's-eye on Daredevil's head but he's having to do it through pure force of will."

Don't expect a long arc for the villain just yet, however, as he'll only be spotlighted in this issue and the next before taking another break.

"That doesn't mean Bullseye is totally off the radar sense," Waid explained. "He's not an immediate threat but he's still out there."

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