Animated Shorts - ATHF Creators on the Ascendance of Carl

AS - ATHF Creators Talk Carl

When it comes to putting out a DVD, it’s hard as heck to beat Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis, better known as the creative duo behind Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The recently released sixth volume of the subversive animated series comes not only with the last nine episodes aired, but four bonus episodes, a short live action film entitled “Terror Phone” and the interstitials from the recent video game.

Still, the coup de grace is no less than a Carl Brutananadilewski sports commentary segment under the title of “I’m Pissed.” Couple this with the recently announced recruitment drive for a live-action version of Carl, and we could be seeing the ascendancy of the ultimate Jersey boy from underground cult hero to mainstream media star.

So we had to sit down and talk this out with Willis and Maiellaro. Here’s what they had to say:

Newsarama: For starters, how do you think Carl is reacting over the Giants?

Dave Willis: [In Carl’s voice] They dropped the balls on them Eagles! That’s what you gotta do when you get to the post-season! You gotta have that sense of urgency.

NRAMA: So do you think Carl is getting the kind of attention a guy from New Jersey ought to get?

DW: [Still in Carl’s voice] Oh yeah! We had to overcome a lot with that gay governor. I’m trying to put a positive face on the Garden State.

NRAMA: What part of Jersey does ATHF happen? Is there any particular area?

DW: [Back to his own voice] It’s a New Jersey of the mind. It’s certainly not a New Jersey we’ve ever been to.

Matt Maiellaro: It’s called Hamburger, New Jersey.

NRAMA: I don’t know. I spent two months of my life in New Jersey. That’s how long it took me to find a place to move to.

MM: You obviously didn’t live over there by the cliffs, did you?

NRAMA: No. It was a wonderful town called Lindenwold…

MM: Sounds kind of like a disease or something.

NRAMA: Kinda. It was between a bunch of toxic waste dumps and shopping malls.

DW: We don’t like New Jersey. It’s just dirty and gross. We’ve never been there, but that’s just our take on it. I’ve been on the turnpike. I’ve seen enough to know. I extrapolated from the Turnpike that was all I needed to know.

NRAMA: Now getting back to Carl, have you gotten the technical problems fixed? Are you starting to get good audition tapes for the live action ATHF?

DW: Yeah! Some great ones. It took the people a couple of weeks to figure out the Internet but there have been some awesome ones. We had one guy’s who’s Mexican and can’t speak English that well. He did it all phonetically. In fact, he said “I don’t need no instructions to know how to rock”…through his English-speaking son. He’s in the running.

NRAMA: When do you think you’ll make an announcement as to who got the job?

MM: I think it won’t be until the beginning of January.

DW: Yeah. After the holidays. We got like 50 auditions up already. They say there’s like 200 but I only count about 50.

NRAMA: So they’re using transcendental math like in Dr. Who?

DW: Yeah!

MM: We’re schooled in space.

DW: What’s interesting is some guys who look perfectly like Carl aren’t the best actors. We’re looking for the complete package.

NRAMA: So you want someone who can act like Carl as well. Isn’t that a tall order for a lot of fans?

DW: Well, they will be asked to act. This is professional.

NRAMA: So you don’t think Danny DeVito or Jason Alexander can’t quite pull off Carl, huh?

MM: But Meryl Streep would.

NRAMA: She’d use her method.

DW: Or Ashley Judd.

NRAMA: So will this be an actual live action 11-minute ATHF short?

DW: It’s an episode. It’s just in live action.

MM: Bookended by some animation.

NRAMA: The how will you do Meatwad, Shake, and Frylock?

DW: Did you ever see the Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas? Something like that. Also something like Time Cop.

MM: Sort of a mix of Viva Las Vegas and Time Cop. Let’s leave it a mystery.

DW: Shrouded in a secret.

NRAMA: Getting back to Carl. I loved the “I’m Pissed” segments on the DVD. Considering the possibilities of the Giants returning to the Super Bowl, have you thought about doing more of those?

DW: Maybe. We’ll see. I’ve been doing Carl’s Lock of the Century of the Week for Scott Van Pelt’s ESPN show. It’s kind of buried deep in their site, but Carl is 10-4 on his picks.

NRAMA: That’s better than any of ESPN’s football experts!

DW: I know! I started doing it at first as just a joke. Then I started winning. Now that I’ve taken a little pride in it and, unfortunately, I’ve gotten too dogmatic. I picked the Giants even though I kind of felt the Eagles were going to make a run. Check it out. It’s somewhere on Van Pelt’s part of the site.

NRAMA: So do you see Carl sitting next to Terry Bradshaw, John Madden, or Chris Berman?

DW: As long as they let him sit on his easy chair. He can make the weekend of it.

NRAMA: One thing I admire is of the original four shows that started on Adult Swim, you are the ones that are still around. How does that feel?

DW: We feel like we’re the best. It feels good to still have a job, in this economy especially.

NRAMA: Still, did you think you’d still be around doing new episodes seven years later?

MM: We feel like we’ll be doing this 17 years later. We’re merely at the half-way point.

NRAMA: Cool.

MM: No, no. Not Cool. By that time people will be talking about how we should be cancelled.

DW: But we’ll keep going. It’s vindicating in a way. When we started it seemed like a show that no one really wanted to make.

MM: I don’t know. We’re still stunned right now. We’re glad that fans are there. We’re glad that fans watch the show. When we go to conventions, we’re glad to ask any question they ask and spend as much time with them as possible.

NRAMA: Now the new DVD has four episodes that never aired. Which ones are they?

MM: The ones with the actual characters are the new ones. That’s “Gene E,” “Shake Like Me,” “She Creature” and “Chick Magnet.” They are four of the ten we are airing this season.

DW: We like ’em.

NRAMA: Were they planned for the previous season and are just coming out now?

MM: It wasn’t by plan. When we were putting together the DVDs they said something like ‘we got nine episodes and the plan is we need 13 for a two-disk box set.’ We also thought that would be a bit of a cheat, you know? So they allowed us to tack on the four. So we had to work pretty fast. We had to work pretty fast to get them done.

NRAMA: So when will they are on Adult Swim?

DW: Starting around May. We also have “Terror Phone” on the DVD. It was a short we did. Did you see that?

NRAMA: Yes. I was both exceedingly admiring and repulsed at that gigantic boil you put and Dana Snyder and Carey Means’ faces.

DW: Yeah. We shot that thing in eight hours. We wrote it in eight minutes.

MM: We had a little extra money on the DVD budget. So we thought we’d shoot something fun. Then there’s all the stuff on the video game involving killing people. They are all the interstitial bits.

NRAMA: Who did the animation on those? They look different. Did you guys?

MM: It was people in Russia.

DW: Some Russian CGI troop. We did all the editing. We wrote it. We produced it. It was totally different from how we usually do things. We are proud of it. It was kind of a drag that you have to master that game to get to all of them.

NRAMA: So when does the new season start?

DW: April ’09 I believe. Or May, I’m not exactly sure. It will be ten new episodes including that live action one we talked about. It will feature America’s Choice for Carl.


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