XBOX ONE Coming 2013, Call of Duty: GHOSTS Trailer Revealed

Credit: Microsoft

Update: Here's the trailer for the biggest game announced during the presentation, Call of Duty: Ghosts.

And here is the EA Sports "Ignite" Trailer, featuring footage from the next FIFA, Madden, NBA Live, and UFC!

Original Story: The PlayStation 4 was officially revealed way back in February 2013, and today Microsoft catches up with an announcement of their own.

The next Xbox is coming (erm, obviously), and the rumors have been flowing, from the most basic hardware specs to nearly universally unwanted features like "always-online" technology that could cripple your hardware when your internet connection goes down.

While Sony did not reveal their system's look, Microsoft is expected to do so here, and while games will be a big part of the presentation, expect a large portion devoted to entertainment and how players will communicate with each other. An upgraded Kinect is a definite, as well as blu-ray and new streaming technologies (to compliment those announced by Sony).

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