TITAN-ic Summer Week Kicks Off with RAZORJACK From Watchmen's John Higgins


Titan Comics has a big summer ahead of them, with new series, new collections, and even some blasts from the past.

Kicking off our exclusive TITAN-ic look at the summer, we have several pages from the remastered Razorjack. The 104 page hardcover from writer/artist John Higgins (best known as the colorist for tiny stories like Watchmen and The Killing Joke) has been remastered with updated art, dialog, and two completely new stories. Titan's official description:

"An infernal dimension of screaming torment – ruling over this domain is queen of carnage Razorjack! All that stands in her path is a pair of rogue cops, whose investigation into a series of horrific serial murders uncovers Razorjack’s existence – and risks the end of Humanity!"

So take a look inside a book praised by David Lloyd, Garth Ennis, Mike Carey, and Warren Ellis, and see why Titan is using it to push their explosive summer, and come back tomorrow for our next look at the TITAN-ic Summer lineup!

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