Marvel Teases Artist-Studded AGE OF ULTRON Finale

Credit: Marvel Comics

Age of Ultron #10, the main series' last issue, is out on June 19, and Marvel appears to be counting down the weeks with a new teaser released on Friday.

Though there's not a whole lot to the teaser, it's notable for at least two reasons: It features Ultron — who despite being in the title has been more of a looming, background presence in the series thus far — and Thor, who hasn't appeared on-panel in the story as of yet.

The issue has already received a considerable amount of pre-release hype, as it's the Marvel Universe debut of Angela, a former supporting character of Image's Spawn that moved to Marvel following a legal dispute between Todd McFarlane and Neil Gaiman. Here's Marvel's official description of the issue: "To save the Marvel Universe, Earth’s Mightiest made the most controversial decision of their lives resulting a disaster unlike any they’ve seen before. But with one final shot to make things right, can they turn back the hands of time and restore everything to its former glory? And if they can’t what happens next?!"

Beyond Age of Ultron second-half regulars Peterson and Carlos Pacheco, Bryan Hitch (who drew the first five issues of the series), artists Alex Maleev, David Marquez, Butch Guice and Marvel chief creative officer Joe Quesada — previously confirmed to be drawing the issue's final pages, featuring Angela — are all billed for #10, written by Brian Michael Bendis.

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