Newsarama 2008 Showdown - Comic Book of the Year

Newsarama Showdown - Comic of 2008

Just ike the 2008 comic book/genre 'Movie of the Year', the 2008 'Comic Book of the Year' is pretty clear choice between two releases from the 'Big Two' publishers, Marvel and DC.

While there was impressive performances by titles such as writer Jeph Loeb's new Hulk series, and Grant Morrison's "Batman RI.P." story arc in Batman, these two projects were the respective clear centerpieces of both publishers' editorial and marketing plans for 2008, including dozens of spin-off specials and one-shots, and all their respective issues were among the best-selling titles of the year whenever they were released.

We're talking of course about Marvel's just-recently-completed Secret Invasion, and DC's still-in-progress Final Crisis.

Remember, as with 'Movie of the Year', we're not asking your solely what your favorite series, issue, or story was in particular, but to consider all the relevant factors – sales, 'buzz', impact on other titles, quality, your own personal preference to determine what the industry's most impactful comic book(s) of the year was.

So following a few brief words on each series, tell us which project is your pick for 'Comic Book of the Year'. You don't have to be a registered member of our community to participate. And if you haven't already, you can still log in <a href= >your choice for 'Movie of the Year' too</a>.

Secret Invasion

Marvel's 2008 Universe-wide follow-up event to Civil War held serve for the publisher, and like its predecessor was the comic book Direct Market's bestselling title for each month it had a new issue in release. The Brian Bendis-written epic set the stage for the "Dark Reign" era in the Marvel Universe, seemingly establishing Norman Osborn as the most powerful/influential figure in Marvel's post-'Invasion' status quo.

Final Crisis

Maybe at a slight disadvantage because it will close out 2008 yet-to-be completed, Grant Morrison's Final Crisis is also doing its assigned task for DC – i.e. being the bestselling title they publish they publish it. [For now] exploring what would happen in the DCU if "Evil Won" in greater depth than perhaps any DC 'in-continuity' story before it, Final Crisis at least has the potential to be the series that brings about the most significant change to its respective universe.

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