A Call for Dan DiDio Questions

We’re back again to pick your brain for questions for DC Executive Editor Dan DiDio. The last round stuck the proverbial stick in the hornet's nest when it came to Batman R.I.P., and so it’s once again time for 20 more questions.

Like last time, we’re looking for 20 good questions that cover things that DiDio can answer: things touching upon storylines, creative teams, scheduling and the characters. Like last time, we’re looking for questions that you’d ask DiDio at a convention panel – the stuff that’s been bugging you. And having spoken with DiDio himself about it, he’s ready and willing to tackle the tough stuff – just please, please – be polite in the asking.

As with last time, we’ll pick out the best 20 – the 20 that we figure will get DiDio talking – and have the next installment up next Wednesday.And DiDio will have one question for readers at the end.

Post your question below – we’ll be pulling from this thread for the next 24 hours.

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