Marvel Studios President KEVIN FEIGE Chats with Fans via Twitter

Update: The chat didn't reveal too many shocking bits of news from Marvel Studios, but a couple of things did pop up. For one, Feige did acknowledge that we'll see Extremis again in a future film (or maybe on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ?). And speaking of S.H.I.E.L.D., future films will acknowledge where the organization was during the events of Iron Man 3. Feige said, "#SHIELD was very busy, as will be revealed in future films."

Original Story: Twitter has undoubtedly become a major player in how companies communicate with their fans. Need proof? Look no further than today's latest chat. In conjunction with Verizon Fios, Marvel Studios is letting fans have a direct chat with studio president Kevin Feige. Expect lots of "what about this character?" questions to go largely ignored, but Feige's candid nature means there will probably be at least something of note here.

Follow along at 1pm EDT via the Iron Man Twitter account, or via the hashtag #FiOSIM3Chat. Don't have twitter? Don't worry, you can also follow along in the box below! Oh, and beware, there are likely to be plenty of spoilers in this chat. If you're the guy who hasn't seen Iron Man 3 yet, you probably don't want to participate.

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