Batman Villain DR. PHOSPHORUS Latest New 52 Addition

Dr. Phosphorus
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

DC's What's New in the New 52' editions are coming fast and furious. A day after showing off the New 52 version of long-time villain Cheshire , the publisher is showing off this character sketch of Dr. Phosphorus, who apparently will be making his debut in Catwoman soon. 

"Today, the treacherous underworld of Gotham City expands with the New 52 debut of Dr. Phosphorus," writes DC editor-in-Chief Bob Harras. "And if you happen to be a skilled jewel thief in a feline costume, I’d be extra careful about crossing paths with this guy …"

The original Doctor Phosphorus was Dr. Alexander Sartorius, who was primary a Batman villain, and who made his debut in the Steve Englehart-written Detective Comics #469.

Previous DC 'What's New' editions have featured teases of Cyborg Superman, who DC has referred as "Joker's Daughter?!", a new Batwing character Lady Vic , and the new Green Lantern villain Relic.

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