Shalvey Illustrates DEADPOOL's Team-Up with Wolverine & Cap

Deadpool #15 by Declan Shalvey
Credit: Marvel Comics

At this point, Declan Shalvey is quite comfortable with illustrating the less-than-savory sides of the Marvel Universe, following stints on Thunderbolts, Dark Avengers and Venom.

The artist's next gig at the publisher is in a similar vein, as he's joining co-writers Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn on Deadpool with issue #13 in August, the start of "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" storyline. While he's sticking with the street-level antihero theme, the arc co-stars two of Marvel's most visible superheroes in Captain America and Wolverine, as they unite against a common enemy from their shared past in the Weapon Plus program.

Newsarama talked with Shalvey to learn more about his impending run on the book, where he'll be joined by his frequent collaborator, colorist Jordie Bellaire.

Newsarama: Declan, you're moving from Venom to another antihero of Marvel, Deadpool — what has you excited about the new assignment? The arc also features Wolverine and Captain America, which has to be a bonus.

Declan Shalvey: The answer is in the question there sir; the arc features Cap and Wolvie!

Seriously though, as delighted as I was to get a shot at drawing both those characters, who are favorites of mine, I thought the idea of my working on Deadpool was an interesting one. I've really been enjoying this new series as a reader. It got me into Deadpool where a lot of other series didn't. Even though he's an insane/mercenary/ninja/mutant type character, he's still very much in the same vein as Venom is; a more street-level type, that works well in the shadows of the Marvel Universe. That's an area I really enjoy drawing, as it lends well to how I like to play with mood and composition in my work.

Nrama: What can you say about your visual approach to the title character? Even though he has a recognizable and consistent look, it seems that, similar to a character like Spider-Man, there's room for interpretation there.

Shalvey: That's quite true, and I find that artist interpretations are always interesting, as it lets the artist channel more of their own approach through the character.

I'm taking a slightly different approach to Deadpool; making him a little leaner while also making him more acrobatic. I'd like to play up the ninja element a little if I can. I'm adjusting his mask slightly too, so that he looks slightly creepier than he has of late. I also decided to make all his military gear black, to streamline his color scheme a little.

Nrama: Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan clearly bring a unique perspective to the series. What are you looking forward to about collaborating with them?

Shalvey: Well, from the first script that I'm currently working on, I'm just looking forward to interpreting their script along with my storytelling approach. I think I can draw a slightly edgier (for lack of a better word) approach to the book, making all the comedic elements all the more entertaining. Like a bad-taste joke.

Like every writer I work with, I hope to learn something from the both of them. I should add I'm also working with color artist Jordie Bellaire on the series, and I think we can illustrate an interesting arc on this series like what Tony, Mike and Val have done before us.

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