Silver Surfer Surfaces in August's DAREDEVIL #30

Credit: Marvel Comics

It's been a quiet few months for the Silver Surfer, ever since Defenders ended last fall — but that looks to be changing with the classic Marvel character showing up in the nontraditional venue of August's Daredevil #30, by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee.

"Matt has no idea what to make of the Surfer's unexpected appearance in midtown Manhattan," Waid is quoted on "Just trying to use radar sense to perceive a being composed of the Power Cosmic makes Daredevil's head hurt. But he's going to have to put that aside if he's to keep the Surfer as an ally — and not an enemy!"

Since the start of Waid's Eisner-winning Daredevil run, the writer has brought in unconventional guest stars and villains removed from Matt Murdock's usual world, like Klaw, The Mole Man and The Spot. The Surfer's reappearance also coincides with Marvel's renewed focus on their cosmic characters in the past year, with new current Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova series, and the forthcoming Guardians of the Galaxy live-action film from Marvel Studios, scheduled out on Aug. 1, 2014.

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