THE WORLD'S END Trailer: Pegg, Frost, Wright Team-Up Again

The World's End
Credit: Focus Features

Forget about Vampires; this year, Hollywood is all about the end of the world. We've already had Oblivion, and later this month we see what life is like After Earth. There's This is the End, where stars play themselves trying to deal with a comedic end times scenario, and to varying extents, World War Z, Pacific Rim, Elysium, Hunger Games: Catching Fire all dealing with end of the world scenarios (to say nothing of One Direction getting their own feature film release).

But hey, don't forget about Edgar Wright and his pals, because they're also reaching The World's End this year. Due out August 23, 2013, Wright's latest team-up with Nick Frost and Simon Pegg once again gets into a genre mash-up. Like combining buddy-cop with horror-cult, alien-encounter with road-trip, and of course, rom-com with zombie-survival, this one combines a slightly non-descript world-ending scenario with the mates on a pub crawl. Their only goal is to reach a pub called "The World's End," but what they seek is out to get them throughout. Check out the first trailer right here.

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