Is Lucasfilm's Dave Filoni Teasing New STAR WARS Series?

TIE Fighters
TIE Fighters from Lucasfilm Animation
Credit: Dave Filoni

If the Internet is good for one thing, it's the extremely slow leak of information in the form of dubious teases.

Getting in on the game, Dave Filoni, formerly Supervising Director of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, posted a single drawing on his facebook page last night. The drawing, seen above, is of three TIE Fighters in what looks like an assembly line, warehouse, or storage facility.

"It’s hard to believe that I have worked at Lucasfilm almost eight years, and this is the first time I have ever gotten to draw a TIE fighter," Filoni said with the drawing, which strongly implies this is official work.

So what does this mean for the next Star Wars animated series? Well, we do know that Filoni is working on the new series, as he has confirmed. Rumor has the series will be closely connected to Star Wars: Episode VII, 2015's new live-action film directed by J.J. Abrams, but nothing has been officially said about it just yet. The presence of the TIE fighter does narrow down the era of Star Wars, but only a little. According to the expanded universe of novels and comics, the TIE went into production just after Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (19 BBY, or Before the Battle of Yavin, the pivotal moment of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope for those not in the know), and were around in considerable use well into the New Republic era, with heavy appearances as late as 13 ABY (and beyond, in limited capacity). Of course, the height of their use - and all that truly matters to the future of Star Wars - was during the original trilogy era, and just after. Does one sketch mean confirmation that the next animated series will take place between episodes VI and VII? Absolutely not. But it sure does point in that direction.

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