International MAN OF STEEL Poster, New TV Spot

Man of Steel Poster
Man of Steel International Poster
Credit: Warner Bros

Update: In the latest in Man of Steel advance promotion, Monday has also brought this just-released TV spot for the impending reboot, highlighting the action and crescendoing with Superman uttering a guttural yell:

Original story: While Iron Man 3 is smashing expectations, there are some other major films hitting this Summer in the geek world, and especially the Superhero set. Many who went to see Downey, Jr. suit up again were treated to several superhero trailers, including The Wolverine, Thor: The Dark World, and of course, Man of Steel.

While the latest trailer shows off the impressive flight in the film, the first poster showed Superman bound and grounded. Not so for this one, which shows him taking flight and impressive speeds high above the blurry city below. Click the header image for the full poster, and just for fun, here's that epic trailer again. Man of Steel is out on June 14.

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