GAMBIT #13 Cover Reveals PATRIOTic Guest Star

Gambit 13 Cover
Gambit #13
Credit: Marvel Comics

When the May 2013 solicitations appeared for Marvel, issues 12 and 13 of Gambit were grouped together, and only one cover was shown.

Now we have that second cover for you debuted exclusively here. The Iron Patriot armor is seen on the cover, giving Gambit quite a hard time. The armor, first worn in the comics by Norman Osborn, was seen on an auction block in Secret Avengers #3, and was procured by A.I.M., which spells bad news for the ragin' cajun.

It's a good time for an Iron Patriot and A.I.M. guest appearance in May - both feature heavily in the movie Iron Man 3 which premieres May 3, 2013.

Gambit #13
Gambit #13
Credit: Marvel Comics

GAMBIT #12 & 13



Cover by CLAY MANN

• GAMBIT may be in over his head…

• JOELLE, the woman he’s fighting to save, the one he may be falling for, is on the brink of death. But could the secret she’s been keeping be the key to her survival?

• Meanwhile, Gambit’s former flame and current Uncanny Avenger ROGUE must decide whether she’ll help him save Joelle or bring him in.

• And the villainous TOMBSTONE? Well, he’s willing to cut down any and all of ‘em to get what he wants…

32 PGS. (EACH)/Rated T+ …$2.99 (EACH)

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