'Obama' Cover to Savage Dragon #145 Released

Obama on Savage Dragon #145 Cover

Savage Dragon #145

As we brought you the news last month, President Elect Barack Obama will be making his first appearance as President in the pages of Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon #145.

We showed the standard cover when we spoke with Larsen about the issue earlier this month, and now, Image has revealed the variant “Obama” cover through USAToday’s Pop Candy blog.

In speaking with Newsarama, Larsen said of the use of the President Elect in the storyline: “Nearly 70 years ago, long before we became involved in WWII Jack Kirby drew Captain America punching Adolf Hitler on the cover of Captain America #1,” Larsen says. “If there had been the internet back then I'm sure a few fans would have lambasted Kirby for mixing politics in comics, saying that ‘many people support Hitler.’ Politics and comics have been intertwined for decades. Some of the first comics were political cartoons and having there be that kind of commentary in comic book form is not only appropriate but patriotic. It's as American as apple pie. Having touched on the election four years ago and having featured several presidents in previous issue it seemed natural to have President-Elect Barack Obama appear in the pages of Savage Dragon, especially given their shared connection to the city of Chicago.”

The issue is due in stores on February 25th from Image Comics.

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