Thunderbolts vs. Deadpool: FIGHT

Thunderbolts vs. Deadpool: FIGHT

Thunderbolts #130

In March, the Thunderbolts will come up against a whole new kind of problem when Deadpool decides to take them on.

In a four-part story called "Magnum Opus," the Deadpool and Thunderbolts comics will cross over as Deadpool storms into Avengers Tower to attack Norman Osborn, who dispatches the Thunderbolts to fight off the mercenary mutant.

"Deadpool fans know that writer Daniel Way has locked the 'Merc with the Mouth' on a collision course with Norman Osborn for months now. We couldn't keep these killers apart any longer if we tried," said Marvel editor Bill Rosemann. "The relaunch of Deadpool has been a fun romp. Readers seem happy where Andy Diggle is taking the Thunderbolts. Add them together and you have the makings of one explosive—and painfully funny—encounter."

Thunderbolts writer Andy Diggle echoed Rosemann's description of the characters' "collision course," saying the idea to unite the comics for this story grew organically out of both titles.

"Deadpool was already tangled up with Norman Osborn, who intercepted the Skrull data that Nick Fury sent Deadpool to retrieve. So it's a natural progression for Deadpool to go after Norman, and for Norman to send his personal hit-squad after Deadpool," Diggle said. "They were already on a collision course. This crossover is where they collide!"

For Diggle, this is the chance to write a character that he thinks makes sense in the Thunderbolts title. "I would have loved to have Deadpool join the new Thunderbolts," he said, "but of course he already has his own series. But at least I get to send the Thunderbolts after him."

The writer said the story begins in Deadpool #8 then continues into Thuderbolts #130 after Deadpool figures Norman owes him for "services rendered."

"But Norman doesn't like loose ends -- especially loose ends that know his dirty secrets. Complications, as they say, ensue," he said.

Deadpool #8

And as any Deadpool fan knows, the Thunderbolts are going to have their hands full – and their ears – as they go head-to-head with this guy.

"He's the perfect foil, both in terms of his wise-ass humor and his indestructible nature," Diggle said. "What better target for a team of professional killers than a guy who can't be killed?"

We asked the writer: What's going to be the biggest problem in taking him down?

"Making him stay down! But the Thunderbolts have Norman Osborn's entire arsenal of dirty tricks up their sleeve. This one's gonna get messy," he said.

In fact, it's got so much potential to get messy that Rosemann wasn't ready to talk about what's coming next for the titles after the crossover. "The future of Deadpool and the Thunderbolts?" he said. "Who says they all survive this battle unscathed?"

Check back with Newsarama tomorrow as we talk to Diggle about the future of the Thunderbolts and just who the Thunderbolts are in the context of Marvel’s “Dark Reign”

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