TRINITY WAR: World's Greatest, Most Dangerous, Freakiest

Trinity War
Trinity War
Credit: DC Comics

In a fresh interview with Buzzfeed, writers Geoff Johns and Jeff Lemire, together handling the Trinity War event across the titles Justice League, Justice League of America, and Justice League Dark in July and August 2013, talked a little about the motivation for the crossover and teased some of the possible outcomes.

The setup of the crossover has already been seen, in the very impetus of the Justice League of America's creation: they were made to take down the Justice League - just in case. Johns says "this Trinity War is really the event that forces the Justice League of America to become aware of that plan and take on the Justice League."

He continued, "They don't necessarily want to go to war with the original League, but they certainly want a safety net just in case."

So how does the Justice League Dark get involved in this seemingly two-sided war? Lemire had to remain coy for now, but does mention that the War kicks off in earnest because of a death in the first issue of the crossover.

"It's hard to explain the actual plot mechanics of how they get involved without spoiling things, but some of the mysteries around the death in the first issue need their expertise," teased Lemire.

Johns added, "Dark is kind of dragged into it unwillingly. There's a reason they come into the picture," while Lemire pointed out that both John Constantine and the House of Mystery are heavily involved.

As for the actual "Trinity" described in the title of Trinity War, Johns says all may not be as it seems at first, and the real war may not be between the trinity of Justice Leagues.

"The top line is this a war between the World's Greatest Heroes, the World's Most Dangerous Heroes, and the World's Freakiest Heroes, but the mystery within that is "what does Trinity War mean?" And once that's revealed, it changes the DC universe in a very big way," said Johns. He also teased, "there is something that happens with the "trinity" of Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman," and on top of that, "you have the Trinity of Sin, which is Pandora, Phantom Stranger, and The Question." So which Trinity is truly at War is still up for debate.

Johns also teased that, like most crossovers, not all the characters - and certainly not all the relationships - may "make it through" intact. In particular, one high-profile relationship's end is now a when, not an if.

"The thing about Wonder Woman and Superman is when their relationship ends, it's going to end badly," the writer said definitively. "There is no good way for this one to end."

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