2 Minutes 20 Seconds of Brand New STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS!

Plo Koon
Credit: Lucasfilm Animation

Star Wars: The Clone Wars may not be airing on Cartoon Network or producing any new episodes, but there are several episodes, rumor has it nearly an entire season's worth, that have been fully produced that the Lucasfilm Animation team are dying to get out to fans.

While no firm news, be it TV movies, internet releases, direct to DVD, or otherwise has yet been revealed, Lucasfilm does encourage fans to "keep checking StarWars.com for updates" at the end of this brand-new footage, never before seen.

Courtesy of USAToday.com, the new 2 minute and change clip shows Jedi Master Plo Koon (James Arnold Taylor) leads a squad of Clone Troopers (Dee Bradley Baker) through a terrible sandstorm to investigate wreckage of a shuttle, and he doesn't look happy with what he finds. Now what are you waiting for? Click play below and see some all-new Star Wars: The Clone Wars!

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