Bakugan Heads to Big Screen

Bakugan Heads to Big Screen

Following in the steps of Pokemon and other toy-tie in anime/manga properties, Bakugan Battle Brawlers is heading to film as an animated feature. The movie will be a joint production between Universal and Stuber Productions. This according to The Hollywood Reporter

For those who don’t have kids, Bakugan is an anime series based on the Spin Master toy line. The toys are small, marble-like balls with magnetic triggers. The balls are rolled on to metallic cards which trip their triggers and pop them open, revealing the Bakugan inside. Each Bakugan have different powers and abilities. In the story, the Bakugan are native to the dimension Vestroia, and the battles spill over into our dimension.

The toys are phenomenally successful and the area devoted to them in the toy aisles at mass market retailers is usually picked clean. Del Rey Manga and Cartoon Network publish adaptations of the anime series by capturing stills of the episodes.

Unlike the series of Pokemon movies, the Bakugan film is not an adaptation of an already-existing Japanese film, but will be an all-new animated movie based on the anime and toy line. No writers are currently attached to the project.

The animated series first debuted in Japan in April of 2007, and first aired on Cartoon Network in Feburary, 2008. Bakugan Battle Brawlers currently airs six days a week on Cartoon Network.

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