SPIDER MAN 2099 Collides with SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN's Present

Spider-Man 2099 is coming to Superior Spider-Man. For real this time.

Back in late October during the height of Superior Spidey speculation, Dan Slott planted a social media red herring in the form of a faux-direct message on Twitter to series artist Ryan Stegman about Miguel O'Hara, which was "mistakenly" sent out publicly.

As subsequently became evident, Superior Spider-Man actually stars Doctor Octopus, currently in residence in Peter Parker's body. But Slott later said that Spider-Man 2099 definitely is coming to the series at some point, and Marvel announced Saturday at the C2E2 convention in Chicago that the arc will start in September's Superior Spider-Man #17. Slott told Newsarama he's had this planned long before that misleading tweet.

"Bringing in Spider-Man 2099 is fun," Slott said. "I always knew we were going to get to this, and eagle-eyed readers will find hints of this going all the way back to the beginning of the 'Big Time' run."

Superior Spider-Man

#17 variant cover by

Olivier Coipel.

Given the fact that some form of the current Superior status quo was planned since 2009's Amazing Spider-Man #600, Slott has proved to fans that they should likely take him seriously with such claims — though he's not specifying a timeframe for these past connections, he does deliver some pretty juicy (albeit work-intensive) hints.

"Sometimes we make mistakes in the book. We’re human. And then we fix it in the trade," Slott said. "It is easier to spot the 2099 connection if you are reading the individual issues, because I screwed up in the individual issues and let something slip, and then we fixed it in the trade. So dig out those issues!"

Slott previously wrote Spider-Man 2099 in the Shattered Dimensions video game and was on staff at Marvel when the character was first introduced, and even wrote an inventory story starring the character that was never used — although ideas from that book made it into his She-Hulk run, specifically a prison that used Pym particles.

The writer makes it known that it is the most famous iteration of Spider-Man 2099 — created by Peter David and Rick Leonardi in 1992, and starring in his own book for 46 issues — that will appear in Superior Spider-Man, not the circa 2009 "Timestorm" version.

"Peter created an incredible character in Miguel and an entire world around him," Slott said. "His Spidey 2099 work is awesome. There’s a new collection coming out soon. If you’ve never read them before, you owe it to yourself to pick it up."

Stegman, who will be illustrating the Spider-Man 2099 arc in Superior, states that the classic Spider-Man 2099 doesn't need a visual update.

"Spider-Man 2099 will have his original costume, because it is awesome and it needs no tweaking!" Stegman said to Newsarama. "I really love this design. It's a little complicated in some areas, but it all works together to create something really cool. Not unlike the original Spider-Man costume. Somehow all the components work together. And there's a lot you can do visually with the bright red aspects of the costume popping in and out of shadow."

Additionally, Stegman said he is making sure that Miguel O'Hara is a noticeably different presence in the book.

"His physicality will be slightly different from Peter Parker's," Stegman said. "Like when I drew Kaine as Scarlet Spider, I made him bulkier. 2099 will be sort of in between Peter and Kaine. But he'll still have the spider-y poses because the spider-y poses are awesome and what Spider-Man is all about."

The Spider-Man 2099 arc also deals with a major new threat — Slott makes it clear that doesn't necessarily mean "major new villain" — and the return of an important member of the Osborn family. Just because a new Green Goblin showed up recently in Superior Spider-Man doesn't mean that's an Osborn, Slott said.

"You’ll see more of him soon," Slott said. "'Him' in quotes. That could be a rabbit in a suit. A mechanoid suit with a little tiny rabbit inside. No one would see that coming! Rabbit Osborn!"

Though the hows and whys of Spider-Man 2099's journey to the present day haven't yet been made publicly clear, Slott does advise fans to pay attention to the rampant time travel currently occurring in the Marvel Universe.

"With Age of Ultron, with All-New X-Men, with other events going on in the Marvel Universe, something seems to be happening with time itself," the writer said. "Almost like there’s a grand design."

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