Speedy Shots: ARROW: Home Invasion Recap/Review

Home Invasion

The Invader: Crooked financier Edward Rasmus is being sued by family he cheated, one that is now represented by Laurel Lance. Rasmus decides to settle (way) out of court and hires a taciturn hit man (Angel's J. August Richards) to eliminate them under the cover of a home invasion, but fails to catch the couple's young son, who flees to Detective Lance's precinct. Laurel and Tommy take the boy in temporarily, but the Invader quickly tracks them down and it's only Laurel's quick sussing out of his disguise (and a handy shotgun) that keeps them alive long enough for the Hooded Vigilante to burst in and chase the Invader away.

When Rasmus ends up in custody after drawing Oliver's ire, the Invader visits him by pretending to be his lawyer. Concerned with the number of people who've seen his face, he kills Rasmus with a pressure point activated delayed action embolism(!) and heads for the Queen residence (where Tommy has taken Laurel and the young witness knowing that Oliver's the best protection in the city).

Using a hapless deliver boy as cover, the Invader assaults Queen Manor, killing a couple of their ubiquitous bodyguards and cutting the power. He and Oliver battle in the dark and for long enough for the Invader to be impressed by Oliver's skills before the hero stabs him though the neck with a fireplace poker. When the police arrive, Oliver credits one of the dead guards with the save and Detective Lance buys it. In the end the boy is reunited with his grandparents. 

Diggle and Deadshot: The arching mission to take down Deadshot hits a few serious snags. Diggle has successfully maneuvered his ally Layla at ARGUS into setting up a fake contract to hire Deadshot and lure him into a trap at the meet. Layla wants Deadshot alive and warns Diggle against seeking vengeance, however that's the plan exactly as Oliver will be at the meet to give Deadshot the shaft.

Unfortunately, not only does Oliver choose to help Laurel with her Rasmus problem instead that night and blows off the ambush, but Deadshot knew it was a set up and murdered four ARGUS agents in his own ambush. When Diggle tries to head him off, they go hand to hand but Deadshot gets the best of him. Mocking him over his brother's death Deadshot leaves Diggle alive only because no one's paid him.

Understandably, Diggle's upset about being abandoned by his friend and partner Oliver. He quits Team Arrow.

The Love Triangle: As Laurel and Oliver continue to see each other socially, Tommy struggles with what to do with the knowledge he has about Oliver's nocturnal activities. Knowing that he can't compete with the feelings she might not even know she is having again for her old flame and the fact that if she knew Oliver was the vigilante that would further drive her and Tommy apart the latter breaks the relationship off.

Speedy Dating: Roy Harper is obsessed with the Hooded Vigilante, even to the point where he steals Detective Lance's radio in a vain, quickly arrested, hope to meet him again. Lance tries to dissuade him and Thea both with a look and one of Oliver's fresher kills (his twenty-sixth). Undeterred, Roy is determined to meet the Hooded Vigilante again, feeling like he owes him for saving his life and can help him find new meaning for it. Thea heartedly agrees to join him on his quest.

Purgatory: To stop Fyers' plan Slade and Shado resolve to attack his base sooner rather than later, but a feasible plan needs at one person giving cover and that leaves Oliver. Shado takes the castaway into the woods to teach him archery. The actual training is very intimate with Shado trying to get Oliver to follow his instincts, which they both do straight into kiss. Olive breaks it off though, since he is still dedicated to making everything right with Laurel when/if he gets back. When the return to their crashed airplane hideout they are surprised by the arrival of Yao Fei. The reunion is not a happy one as he brings a legion of troopers to take the renegade trio captive, telling Oliver that his “time on this island is over.”

Back Issue Notes:  Detective Lance sarcastically calls to the trouble making duo of Roy Harper and Thea Queen as “The Wonder Twins.”The 'real' Wonder Twins were a pair of super-powered aliens who made their debut on The All-New Super Friends Hour animated series in 1977. Created supposedly to have teen heroes who could learn valuable lessons in classic after-school special style, Zan could transform into any kind of water while his sister Jayna could take the form of any animal she named.

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