IRON MAN 3 Breaks International Box Office Records

Update, April 28: Surpassing already high expectations, Iron Man 3 has grossed a reported $195.3 million in 42 international markets, more than 10 million more the overseas opening of last year's Avengers ($185.1).

According to a Disney press release, Iron Man 3 notched box office records for biggest opening weekend to date (in Argentina, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam) and biggest single day (Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam).

The movie has yet to debut in China, Germany or Russia, and opens in the US and Canada on May 3. On the same weekend in 2012, opened domestically to a record-breaking $207.4 million.

Update, April 26: Iron Man 3 grossed another $24.3m in foreign territories Thursday, opening in a handful of new markets, upping its two-day foreign cume to $36.5 million.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film opened in Korea on Thursday grossing $3m, that nation’s third highest opening of all time and bigger than last year’s The Avengers. It opened to $3.6m in the U.K., just 9% off The Avengers.

Deadline adds Iron Man 3 has also opened bigger than The Avengers in Argentina, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan and Indonesia.

By Sunday Iron Man 3 will be open in 80% of the international market, including Mexico, Spain, Venezuela, Japan and Brazil, where it opens today. Only the U.S., China, and Russia remain.

Analysts are expecting a foreign opening above $110m by the end of the weekend (Iron Man 2 opened to $100m overseas) but with excellent reviews and a huge international marketing campaign, don’t be surprised to see the movie greatly exceed estimates, as The Avengers did (shattering most estimates) last year at this time.

Disney also announced Friday that the Chinese release date has been shifted from May 3 to May 1.

Original story: The proven box office draw of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark doesn't appear to be slowing down, with Iron Man 3 opening big in international markets.

Now playing in select countries — including Italy, France, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Australia — and playing in 79 percent of overseas markets by this weekend, the movie is looking at a $110 to $125 million international opening, according to Deadline. Iron Man 2, with a similar release schedule, had an international opening of around $100 million in 2010.

The movie has already set records for highest opening day of all time in the Philippines ($1.5 million) and Taiwan ($1.4 million), The Hollywood Reporter notes. International IMAX numbers were also strong, with THR passing along word of $15,000 per-IMAX-screen average in 30 markets.

Iron Man 3 opens in the US and Canada on May 3, and it's likely the box office success will continue domestically, despite the ongoing dispute between Disney and theater chains. On Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times reported that Regal, the largest theater chain in the US, "yanked standees, movie posters and other marketing materials for Iron Man 3," due to a disagreement on how to divide ticket revenue.

Regal and AMC had previously stopped selling advance tickets for the movie, with the claim that Disney asked for an unusually high percentage of the box office for Iron Man 3 and other movies from the studio. On Thursday, the Los Angeles Times reported that AMC and Disney have resolved their dispute, and Iron Man 3 tickets are now on sale.

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