The Phantom Returns to Film

Moonstone vs. Dynamite Over the Phantom

With The Lone Ranger and The Green Hornet headed back to film, it was only a matter of time until news came of The Phantom’s return.

That time, apparently, is today.

Australia’s Sherlock Symington Productions has won the rights to make a follow-up to 1996’s The Phantom which starred Billy Zane as the titular character. The new film will reportedly be called The Phantom Legacy, and will explore the father/son dynamic between the hero and his father, and “what it means to be the Phantom,” said screenwriter Tom Boyle. The concept of destiny and the father/son relationship is key to the hero created by Lee Falk, as the mantle of The Phantom passes from father to son. Kit Walker, the current Phantom is the 21st such son to wear the purple skintight costume.

Unlike the ’96 version, the new film will be set in the present day, and is expected to cost $87 million to produce.

Sherlock Symington Productions is headed by Produce Bruce Sherlock who was an executive producer on the original The Phantom. Sherlock told The Associated Press: "It has the makings of a blockbuster. There's some surprises that will thrill the Phantom fans worldwide."

The Phantom Legacy will be shot entirely in Australia, and producers of the film are already in talks with several “top talent” actors, both American and Australian.

Currently, both Moonstone and Dynamite Entertainment hold the rights to produce comics based on the Phantom. Typically, Moonstone has continued with the traditional Falk-style Phantom, while Dynamite has said that they are looking at rebooting the character with a new design by Alex Ross, though their plans have been put on hold for a year or so.

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