New 'Heroes' Webisodes Debut Today

New Heroes Webisodes Debut Today

If one pays attention to the most minor of details in Heroes, one might have noticed a particularly small detail in the mix. Of the fifty Marines chosen to be given Mohinder’s concoction to make them “special” is a female marine. As it turns out, her story is now the subject of a series of webisodes starting on starting this Monday, December 15th.

Slight spoilers ahead

Entitled “The Recruit,” written by Jesse Alexander, this new series stars young up-and-comer Taylor Cole (who was a regular on Summerland) plays Rachel Mills, one of the guinea pigs selected by the government and the Pinehearst Corporation for their experiment of turning normals to specials. Her rank is never given but it’s probably safe to assume she’s a non-comm. Her story is basically split into two dovetailing parts.

The first part finds Mills strapped to a chair being grilled by Angela Petrelli (Christine Rose). The family matriarch wants to know where a vial of Suresh’s transformational formula is. Mills claims she doesn’t know. As anyone who’s watched the series over its three years knows, whenever Angela’s involved, nothing is ever what it seems. What we do know is Mills sure can’t get out of those straps.

In the second story stream, Mills and two other marines are in a semi-dark room arguing about three vials of the serum. The two other jarheads float along cliched lines. One appears trustworthy and a “good soldier.” The second, maintaining the cliché, is being driven by his ambition, wanting to take the serum to gain superpowers.

That’s when the roof collapses on the trio and Mills teleports to the good soldier’s side. Whether this is because she injected herself with one of the vials or not is unclear. What we also see is she apparently can’t or won’t use her ability to zap out of her restraints in the first segment.

Based on the two segments provided so far, all one can safely say is there’s a ton of room for a lot more story. Questions about the fate of the two other marines, who the mysterious man with Petrelli and what everything really is all about is currently answered. We don’t even know if Mills will make any further appearances in the regular series, although she’s now being listed in the IMDB as a cast member. All one can assuredly say is Mills does her job. Her good looks and acting abilities make her an interesting character, at least so far.

Hopefully the answers will start appearing with the third segment of these webisodes. In the meantime, you’ll be able to start watching them today at

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