The Secret Origin of TONY STARK Teased for IRON MAN #10


Though Marvel first teased the upcoming arc of Iron Man way back in February, they're back with a fresh teaser image to remind fans that this is an important one.

Along with the teaser, Marvel says, "It’s the biggest story to rock the life of the man behind the suit, and this April, the blockbuster creative team of Kieron Gillen and Dale Eaglesham uncover one of the secrets surrounding Tony’s past in Iron Man #10! But who are the “Stark Seven” and what do they have to do with Iron Man?"

Of course, it's not enough for comic book fans for a story to just be about the main character of his own book. Don't worry, Marvel's promise is that this story has "some of the biggest revelations that will not only impact the life of the Armored Avenger, but the entire Marvel Universe!"

The original solicitation text for May 2013's Iron Man #9 and #10 follows.



IRON MAN #9 & 10


CoverS by GREG LAND Issue #9 - Deadpool Variant by Greg Land Issue #9 & 10 - Iron Man MOVIE VARIANT ALSO AVailAble


• Death’s Head and Iron Man team-up to hunt down a genocidal criminal. Not the problem.

• A shipful of dead badoon. Not the problem.

• What Tony finds in the depths of that ship: the problem. Big problem.

• The lead into the biggest Tony Stark story of the year.

32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$3.99

• Many years ago, Howard and Maria Stark had a baby. There’s something you don’t know.

• Learn the truth about Las Vegas and Area 51 as the two great myths of Nevada collide.

• Meanwhile, in a distant galaxy, Tony Stark screams!

• The story that will shake Iron Man to his very core starts here!!!

32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$3.99

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