Adam WarRock Kicks Off GAME OF THRONES Week: Kingslayer Rap


The nerdcore rapper Adam WarRock has had great singles on his full length albums that spotlight some of his fandom, like "Marvel vs. DC" or "MLF," but he really shines in his epic feature EPs, where he writes a group of songs all centered on one topic. All this week, in the vein of the Browncoats Mixtape and the Parks and Rec EP, WarRock is taking on a world of fantasy, political intrigue, and freakin' dragons with Game of Thrones.

But this time, he's releasing each of these free tracks once per day throughout the course of the week, and promises that he's having some fun with it.

"The breakdown is 3 serious songs, and 2 stupid songs. And oh lordy, how the stupid songs are stupid."

He hinted to Newsarama that we should especially anticipate a song coming late in the week. "Just wait for the song on Thursday. Just wait." For some reason, our minds drift to Hodor, but we'll see.

Kicking things off is a song about everyone's favorite Lion, Jamie Lanister. Titled "Kingslayer," the song spins off one very memorable quote from the show, where Jamie talks about exactly how that death of a king went down. WarRock had this to say about the character.

"Jaime Lannister has always been my favorite character in the show, even moreso since he’s been captured by the North and slowly descended into disrepair (to various degrees). I don’t know what that says about me as a person, that my favorite character is an incestuous, murderous, arrogant dude. But hey, GoT does that to you, right?

"It’s always fascinating for me to see a character so defined by self-loathing, despite the fact that he kinda has everything going for him. He’ll never be good enough for his father, he’ll never be able to be with his sister, and he’ll never overcome this idea that he was the kingslayer, even though none of us will ever know if he did it for glory, out of fear, or for whatever reason."

Listen to the first track below [click here to download the mp3], and check back all week for updates - and don't forget to come back Thursday.

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