DC Introduces New Green Lantern Villain 'RELIC'


DC's 'What's New in The New 52' day 3 brings readers a first look at a new Green Lantern villain. 

"There's a new intergalactic villain in town: Relic. As a new era begins for Green Lantern, a new evil rises to face him," reads DC's website Friday. Check out the design by new Green Lantern artist Billy Tan."

We noted this villain was teased in July 2013's DC solicitations. It appears the character is a literal "big" new DC villain. If you look closely, you can see a Green Lantern next to him for scale - and he barely reaches Relic's knees.

Papa Midnight

Thursday DC's new feature debuted the character design of who might be or may think of herself as "Joker's Daughter?!" And in case you missed it, a day before brought a first look at a new character that will soon be appearing in Constantine - Papa Midnight. 

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