DC Introduces 'JOKER's Daughter?!'

"Joker's Daughter?!"

DC Comics introduced a new feature on their official website Wednesday, 'What's New in The New 52,' where editor-in-chief Bob Harras promises the publisher will play "show and tell."

"New looks, new designs, new villains, new heroes… The New 52 is about trumping expectations and keeping readers on their toes. Every week, you'll get a glimpse of that here," wrote Harras.

The second installment of the feature rolled out Thursday and it features a character design DC refers to as "Joker's Daughter?!" (question mark their's). Newsarama has confirmed the art is by Nightwing artist Brett Booth, so she may appear in that title first.

"Something evil lurks under Gotham City and it wears the Joker's face," is the only text accompanying the headline and image.

Pre-52, "Joker's Daughter" was Duela Dent, daughter of Two-Face, Harvey Dent. She worked frequently as a hero alongside the Teen Titans, and self-identified as the daughter of several other Bat-villains, including Catwoman, Riddler, Penguin, and Scarecrow. Her identity actually got more confusing with a retcon that made her from an alternate earth: the daughter of a heroic version of the Joker and "Three-Face" aka Evelyn Dent, but raised by her stepfather Riddler.

Of course, one character recently introduced that is of the same gender and possible age is Harper Row. While many Batman fans have assumed she will be the next Robin, the addition of Carrie Kelley to the pages of Batman and Robin has made the job opening for Robin more competitive.

All the way back in August 2012, Newsarama wondered if Harper Row could be the next Joker's Daughter. Now we have even more evidence of the possibility. As an underground worker in Gotham City's electrical grid, Harper Row operates under Gotham City, as mentioned in the enigmatic clue.

While we've seen the imprisoned man who is allegedly the father of Harper and her brother Cullen, fatherhood is always dicey in comic books, particularly when we still haven't met Harper's mom. So we at Newsarama would rank her high on the list of candidates for both Robin and this new Joker's daughter.

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