LEGO Plays With IRON MAN 3 Posters, Reveals New Minifig

LEGO released two posters in conjunction with Disney today, showing their support for Iron Man 3. The posters use 3D models of actual minifigures (minifigs for short) from upcoming and existing LEGO sets, with many tied directly to the film.

Some of the Iron Man 3 sets have actually already hit stores, including the new "Malibu Mansion Attack" set. The set, LEGO tells us, is notable as it premieres the minifig of Pepper Potts, played by Gwyneth Paltrow in the film.

The set shows the scene popularized already in trailers and TV spots for the May 3, 2013 premiering film, where agents of The Mandarin attack Tony Stark where it hurts most - in his home.

The Mandarin, the Mark 42 armor, and an Extremis Soldier also come with the set - confirming that Mandarin will get his hands on Extremis and use it against Iron Man in the film.

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