Marvel Announces New EPIC COLLECTIONS


Marvel is adding a new format for its reprint releases: "Epic Collections" similar in length to their enduring Essentials line, but in full color.

Discussed in an interview with Marvel senior vice president of sales David Gabriel on, the first Epic Collections will be released this fall. According to official promotional materials, they're aiming to present a "complete and unbroken run" of series — Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, Captain America, Fantastic Four, Iron Man and Thor are specifically mentioned — though initial releases will start in the midst of volumes. Gabriel said they''l "eventually" get to the X-Men books, but "but most of that material is already out there in one form or another."

"We'll be bouncing around in different eras getting out stories that we want to see in print and haven't necessarily been in print yet (because that would just be repetitive), or long runs that have never been collected together in one volume," Gabriel told "This will be like starting a giant puzzle on your shelves (for those that like this sort of thing). So for example Iron Man Epic Collection 'Vol. 10' appears one month telling the stories from 1982, the next volume might be 'Vol. 5' presenting the stories from Iron Man #47-67, and so on across our biggest character lines."

Gabriel says they're planning about 20 volumes for each line, and that no existing reprint lines will be affected by the new initiative. The first releases are listed at approximately 450 pages, and Gabriel says they'll initially be released at about once a month, though that could change depending on response. List price ranges from $34.99 to $39.99.

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