WONDER WOMAN #19 Cover Reveal: Superman's Gonna Be Pissed


Well, you can't say we didn't warn you.

When we interviewed writer Brian Azzarello about this coming arc, and the further relationship with Orion, he told us that "trust" would be a major theme to the arc. He even hinted at the cover you see here, to Wonder Woman #19, where Diana is in the warm embrace of Orion the New God, despite her current romantic relationship with Superman.

"We're also going to be exploring — Wonder Woman and Orion's relationship is going to go to another level. You'll definitely be seeing that in issue #19," Azzarello told us back in March 2013. "A lot of the things we've set up are going to get wrapped up in issue #18, and we're going to move on with a new story arc in issue #19. And the next story arc is going to be a big one."

Today's reveal of the cover on Buzzfeed definitely takes those ill portents to a new level.

And with a Trinity War on the horizon, this could indeed have far-reaching implications for the DC Universe.

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