Author: What Marvel Is Doing Better Than DC

Marvel Unveils New AVENGERS Movie Poster

Comic book fans have argued Marvel vs. DC for decades, but now an academic has weighed in on the debate in a new book.


Columbia College Chicago television professor Michael Niederman is one of four contributors to Storytelling Across Worlds: Transmedia for Creatives and Producers, examining storytelling across multiple platforms. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Niederman what he thinks Marvel has done right in their multimedia projects, and where DC is lacking.

"Marvel did a fabulous job. DC, not so much," Niederman told THR. "You can start looking at the fact that the merging into this large-scale story telling has really been hit and miss. I don't know if people have learned from the mistakes. That's what amazes me. For an industry filled with really brilliant people, it doesn't always seem lessons have been learned."

Marvel Studios' financally lucrative interconnected Marvel Cinematic Universe was specifically lauded by Niederman as a success.

"They proceeded to do a lot of things right," he said. "The fact that they said 'We're going to create this universe, then we're going to populate it with these pieces, that we're clearly building toward this moment where we're going to bring these pieces together.' Could it have failed? Yes. But the answer is, not so much."

It looks like a more integrated DC movie landscape could be coming in the very near future. In an interview this week with on Superman reboot , Jeff Robinov, president of Warner Bros. Pictures Group, said the June-debuting movie was "definitely a first step" for DC and WB, and that an announcement in that direction was coming in a few weeks.

The nature of comic book fans in particular help lead the characters to thriving in transmedia, Niederman told THR.

"Comic book fans are very accepting of changing landscapes, because how many Batmans are there?" Niederman asked. "If you come up with a brilliant version of Batman, you'll do fine."

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