Spoiler Sport: UNCANNY X-MEN #4's Jean Grey School Defector

***This article contains spoilers for Uncanny X-Men #4, on sale now.***


Thanks to advance solicitations, it's been known since at least January that someone would be leaving the Jean Grey School to join Cyclops' burgeoning new Xavier School, located in the former Weapon X facility.

While the Stepford Cukoos were revealed to be reuniting with their former teacher Emma Frost at the end of All-New X-Men #10, it was seen in the last page of this week's Uncanny X-Men #4 that the teen version of Angel would also be joining Cyclops, Emma, Magneto and Magik. Given the fragile position of the time-displaced original five X-Men currently residing in the present, it's a move that could have significant impact on the Marvel Universe, as well as providing some depth to Scott Summers' growing mutant roster.

Newsarama discussed the development with Marvel senior editor Nick Lowe, and also got a some insight as to an "iconic X-character" that's set to pop up in an unexpected place.


Newsarama: Nick, the freshly released Uncanny X-Men #4 showed that Angel is moving from the Jean Grey School to Cyclops' side. How big of a move do you see Angel's defection for the X-Men franchise? It's splitting up the Original Five, a few short months after they arrived together in the present.

Nick Lowe: One of the things I love about this choice that Brian made was that it sends the message that we're serious about these All-New X-Men, and that this isn't something we're going to be able to put back together neatly. Them going back now just got a lot harder.

I love that it's just the natural extension of where Brian has been playing these characters. Angel has been the least stoked with sticking around and with what Jean is doing, and what's going on.


I also love that this is a pretty significant tie of the two books together, All-New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men. I've always loved when books interact, going back to Uncanny X-Men and New Mutants, when it was [Chris] Claremont and Paul Smith on Uncanny, and Claremont and Bob McLeod [on New Mutants], so on and so forth. I loved when those books would interact; sometimes it's just in the background, sometimes if it's in the foreground. This is a really exciting way to do it here. That will be an ongoing thing. There will be several issues when they're on their own, and they'll be issues where they come together.

The other thing it reminds me of is, in an even weirder way, Alias and Daredevil, when Brian was writing both those books, and when those books tied together, just even in the background, but in major ways for both of them. He's such a master of doing that sort of thing.

Nrama: Though, as you mentioned, Angel does seem like a natural pick to migrate to Cyclops' side, Uncanny #4 doesn't really show his motivations or reasoning — so can we expect those blanks will be filled in soon?


Lowe: Oh yeah. All-New X-Men #11, which will be coming out May 1 (which seems so far away!) will fill in a lot of those blanks. We're going to get behind a lot of his reasons for doing that. People should pick that up to dig into that.

He's definitely thought about it, but he's also a teenager, and Brian captures that perfectly in All-New X-Men #11.

Nrama: Clearly All-New X-Men has a large cast, potentially drawing from the whole Jean Grey School, even though we don't see everybody all the time. Uncanny X-Men started very small, but now it's grown quite a bit with the addition of the Stepfords and Angel. Are we seeing a little more of a leveling of the playing field between the two schools?

Lowe: We're certainly seeing Cyclops start to chip away at it; going from a very, very small crew of experienced X-Men, to the new mutants and now a few Jean Grey students. He’s starting to show that he is a viable option, even after all the events of AvX.


Nrama: It's been stated that there's something being led up to — a 50th anniversary X-Men event, with Bendis, Jason Aaron and Brian Wood all involved. Is that something we'll be hearing about in the near future?

Lowe: Yep. In the next month we'll be announcing exactly what is coming up for the X-Men, and I cannot wait to tell people what it is. It's going to be very, very exciting.

Nrama: One more thing — the last issue of X-Treme X-Men came out this week, and Bendis stated on the Loikamania podcast released Tuesday that Dazzler will be joining the cast of Uncanny X-Men, and involved with S.H.I.E.L.D. Anything you can add to that?


Lowe: Dazzler will be a part of Uncanny X-Men coming up. She won't be a part of the team, she will definitely, like Brian said, be tied, in some way, shape or form, to S.H.I.E.L.D. And I cannot wait for people to see how that is.

One of the things that Brian is really great at is working with other writers and with other comics that are going on. He respected what was going on in X-Treme X-Men, and so it definitely picks up on some elements that were building. So people that haven't been reading X-Treme X-Men, I definitely recommend picking it up, because Greg Pak has done some awesome things with the character, and it's a cool place to go look and see an iconic X-character get some good love.

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