Marvel FIRST Returns for Second Try at 700 Free #1s


Over 700 free first issues from Marvel Comics, all available through your favorite comic book reading app on the web or mobile, was a pretty tantalizing offer. So much so, that it nearly completely crashed comiXology, the host of the promotion, for about three days.

So now, the pair are trying again, with a slightly different process designed to work around the incredible demand from their first try. This time, fans interested in some (or hey, maybe even all) of the free first issues must first sign up for a special notification at After signing up via your username (if you don't have one, it'll take you through the sign up process), you'll receive this notification:

"Congratulations and thank you! You have signed up to get access to over 700 free comics through Marvel #1!

Starting Thursday, April 11th, 2013, we will begin notifying waves of fans by email to provide redemption instructions and let them know when they can access the Marvel #1 offer.

Don't worry if your email doesn't arrive on April 11th. As long as you signed up by April 9, 2013, you will receive your email soon! We want to make sure we get to all our fans so that they have the best experience possible."

Fans will receive their redemption instructions in waves in an effort to stymie the crashing problems of the first time around. So go, sign up between now and 11:59pm EDT April 9, 2013, and get yourself some free Marvel Comics!

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