First Details of DC's TRINITY WAR Event Revealed

Trinity War

DC’s Trinity War is officially on the way this summer, running six issues in just two months, July and August 2013, as DC Comics announced via the USA Today website Sunday.

DC's "signature supergroups enter into a combustible situation when a hero's death causes sparks to fly," reports the national newspaper.

Justice League of America, Justice League, and Justice League Dark will play host to the summer event from DC instead of a traditional separate miniseries. Geoff Johns will write the Justice League chapters alone, Jeff Lemire joins as co-writer for Justice League of America, and Lemire writes the Justice League Dark chapters on his own. Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, Doug Mahnke, and Mikel Janin are the series artists, respectively.

"We really want to find and carve out the Justice League corner of the DC Universe," Johns told USA Today. "It is a universe all itself with these three teams, and it feels big enough to be worthy of a Justice League story."

The story, when first announced, was billed as the first major universe-wide crossover in the DC Universe since the reboot in September 2011 reset all series to new first issues, and is now firmly focused on the three Justice League teams — though they do reach into most corners of the DCU. Johns is excited for many of these individual team members — and the full team lineups — to meet for the first time in the series, but promises that the big-fisted fights will be balanced by personal drama, calling the story an "action mystery."

And yes, that other trinity, the Trinity of Sin, will play a part in the story, with The Question finally joining Pandora and Phantom Stranger in a feature role. Pandora and her box, as well as how both are used, will be a focal point for the story.

"She's an enigma, completely," Johns said. "In a lot of ways, she's been a pawn for most of her existence. She was tricked into using the box and she's being tricked into doing something now, in a way. The Justice League, that becomes another part of it."


Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Constantine, Zatanna, Shazam, Atom, Element Woman, Frankenstein, and more were all specifically called out in the announcement, implying large roles for each. Shazam has "no allegiance to anybody" while Frankenstein is Lemire's "favorite" and his interactions are specifically "a lot of fun."

Don't expect this to be the end of conflict between these three teams, however. Johns promised "It's not going to end wrapped up in a bow. Something really, really major happens that kicks off some pretty crazy stuff at the end of August."

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