DC July News: BATMAN INC Ending, Lobdell on ACTION COMICS


As DC's July 2013 solicitations begin to surface piecemeal across the Internet (we've got the "Beyond the New 52" category up now), noteworthy tidbits are popping up, like the end of Batman, Incorporated and Scott Lobdell and Tyler Kirkham joining Action Comics.

IGN has the first look at the Batman solicitations, which list Batman, Incorporated #13, Grant Morrison's scheduled departure, as the last issue of that issue, rather than it carrying on with a new writer. Also in July, DC is releasing Batman Year Zero: The Director's Cut #1, a 64-page special edition of June's Batman #21, featuring Greg Capullo and Rafael Albuquerque's pencil art, and "the full, action-packed scripts by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV."


Over at CBR, their reveal of the July 2013 Superman books show that Lobdell, who is already DC's regular Superman writer, and Kirkham are taking on Action Comics in July, in what CBR refers to as a "fill-in story." Both writer Andy Diggle and artist Tony S. Daniel have announced their departure from Action Comics in recent weeks. Between Action Comics #22, Superman #22 and Superman Annual #2 (co-written by Frank Hannah), Lobdell is writing three new Superman issues for DC in July.

MTV Geek had word Friday morning that Tom Strong is returning in July, with the Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril miniseries. It'll be published through DC's Vertigo imprint, following in the footsteps of fellow former WildStorm title Astro City. Tom Strong was created by Alan Moore and Chris Sprouse for the America's Best Comics imprint, and the new miniseries is from Sprouse and writer Peter Hogan; himself a Tom Strong veteran.

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