You Won't Believe Who DEADPOOL Kills in Next Killology Mini

Deadpool has met the enemy, and he is him.

Cullen Bunn is finishing what he started in Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe and the currently unfolding Deadpool Killustrated with a new four-issue miniseries starting in July and illustrated by Salva Espin, Deadpool Kills Deadpool. The title is meant to be very literal, but it's not some type of internal conflict — it's the (even more) insane and (even more) homicidal Deadpool of Bunn's previous series targeting who he's come to blame for all of his problems — the relatively lighthearted Deadpool of the mainstream Marvel Universe that readers have followed the past 22 years.

Two Deadpools might sound like plenty, but this series is raising the stakes by incorporating just about every Deadpool you've ever seen before and a few new ones, including all the "Deadpool Corps," who starred in their own series in 2010 (you can guess some of the targets from the Mike Del Mundo-illustrated cover to #1, below).

We've got the first interview with Bunn — who's also writing Venom and Fearless Defenders for Marvel as his Oni Press series The Sixth Gun is in development at the pilot stage at NBC — on Deadpool Kills Deadpool, which is being called by Marvel "the final act of the Deadpool Killology."


Newsarama: Cullen, you're writing Deadpool Kills Deadpool, and that's tied into Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe and Deadpool Killustrated?

Cullen Bunn: It's going to be a third story in the "Deadpool Killology," it's going to wrap up the story that we started way back in Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe.

Nrama: Deadpool Kills Deadpool is certainly a very evocative title —  how literal should readers take that?

Bunn: It is very literal. One of the things that writers often hear when it comes to stories like Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, for instance, is, "Well, it takes place in an alternate universe, so it must not be important." That was really the note I wanted to touch on when going into this series. In this series, the Deadpool that we see in the other two books — who, because it gets confusing, I'm calling "Dreadpool" — this insane Deadpool, who's set about killing everyone, he's tried to kill the Marvel Universe numerous times, he's killed dozens of different alternate universe versions of superheroes. And he has tried to kill the inspiration for these superheroes, by going into this literary universe, and destroying the literary icons who inspired them. And none of that has helped him succeed in his mission of ending all things.

He has stumbled into the thought that he himself, the entity of Deadpool, is actually the progenitor of the comic book universe. So he believes that Deadpool is the key to destroying everything, and so, sets out to destroy every version of Deadpool in existence in the multiverse. And that includes the 616 Deadpool that we read about in the main series every month.


Nrama: How long has this idea been around for? Did it come about while writing Deadpool Killustrated?

Bunn: While I was writing Deadpool Killustrated, Jordan D. White and I started talking about, if Killustrated was successful, what would we do next, and how would we escalate. Killustrated was such a strange escalation from Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, so we wanted to do another unexpected and strange escalation. I pitched a few things around, but I kept coming back to this idea of Deadpool hunting down all the versions of himself. In the previous two series, we haven't seen Deadpool going after a Deadpool. I stuck on that thought, and Jordan kept encouraging me to make it crazier and crazier, which I did, and I think we've netted out on something that will be a real treat for long-time Deadpool fans, but maybe also a little heartbreaking for them.

Nrama: If he's going after all the different Deadpools through the multiverse, does that mean we'll see some familiar parallel Marvel Earths/timelines, like Heroes Reborn or Age of Apocalypse?


Bunn: You will see a lot of alternate universes that you've seen before, at least the Deadpools from those alternate universes. Dead Man Wade from the Age of Apocalypse, not to mention the Golden Age Deadpool, and Deadpool Noir. The Deadpool Corps plays a big role in the series, as well as a number of Deadpools that you have not seen before.

If you consider this a war between good and evil, with our Deadpool representing good, and this homicidal Deadpool representing evil, you will see new Deadpools on both sides.

Nrama: In one form or another, you've now written a lot of Deadpool in recent years. How much of an affection or attachment to the character developed for you?

Bunn: It's an interesting question, because a couple of years ago, I would have told you that I didn't really have that much affection for Deadpool. I knew the character was out there, and I didn't dislike [him], but I didn't really think much of him, either.

Now, having written what will be 12 issues of this "Killology," it definitely has opened my eyes to the character, and one of the things I like about him, he's a character you can do almost anything with. That's kind of been the hallmark of the Deadpool Kills stories — that I took him in a different direction than people might expect. Not to mention, aside from one other project, he was really my first foray into working with Marvel.


I think it'll be a fun series. I think some people will say, "Deadpool already fought himself when he fought Evil Deadpool" in Dan Way's recent issues. I can see that, except it's a completely different approach to this battle between these two versions of Deadpool — and Evil Deadpool features into the story as well, but I'm not going to say which side of this conflict he enters into.

Nrama: So are there any Deadpools that aren't in the book?

Bunn: It's tough for me to say, because there have been so many versions that have popped up over the years, but I'm going to do my best to make this the most Deadpool-heavy Deadpool series in history. I'm going to try to use as many different versions of the character as I can. Even if they're only in it for a little while.

Nrama: OK, let's flip that around a bit — are there any important characters in Deadpool Kills Deadpool that aren't Deadpools?

Bunn: There are a few guest stars in the series, they play an important role, but for the most part this is going to be the story of our Deadpool working to prevent this mad man from achieving his goals of nullifying everything. I think you'll see some interpretations of existing Marvel characters seen through a Deadpool-tinted lens. 

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