SUPERMAN UNCHAINED 'Never Done This Way Before'

A new interview with Scott Snyder and Jim Lee at LA Times' Hero Complex gave some new hints to what they have planned for the June 2013 debuting Superman Unchained, a new ongoing series by the writer of Batman and recent Justice League artist and co-publisher of DC Comics.


Snyder says he wants readers to "open the book and see things both artistically and story-wise that are going to knock them over and say, ‘I’ve never seen Superman done this way before, ever.’” He also expressed both some trepidation at now writing both Batman and Superman, but excitement that Lee matches.

"One of the hardest things to do with a character like Batman or Superman who have had decades’ worth of stories is being able to introduce new lore into the mythology that feels organic and feels like it could have been there all along,” Lee said to Hero Complex. “Hats off to Scott, because I think he’s doing it on both iconic characters.”

While the pair plan to honor 75 years of Superman stories, they are also glad to be writing and drawing a Superman that is relatively new to the game, thanks to the New 52 DC Comics reboot in 2011. The first story arc in Superman Unchained features a brand-new villain and a mystery that affects both Superman and Clark Kent. While the story has its fair share of major physical threats, Snyder says taht Superman's vulnerability comes in his desire to do good and to protect those he cares about.

Lois Lane and Lex Luthor are both promised as central to the main story, with Lois's work as a journalist echoing Superman's as a hero.

"She does [the right thing] in her own way, and she does it with different style than Clark, adn you'll see taht from the first issue on," Snyder said of the iconic female character.

Snyder & Capullo's

Batman #22

Luthor meanwhile won't be the main villain, and will even be used for a little comedic relief - including his new look, modeled partially after comic book writer Grant Morrison, according to Lee.

The pair praised each other and their new collaboration, with Lee saying Snyder's scripts have "stuff in there that you just go like, 'Where did this thing come from?'" while Snyder said Lee's art is "so deeply emotional" and praised his ability to pull readers into every scene.

One of those scenes is the poster-sized four-page double sided foldout first mentioned in the solicitation for the issue. One side features a far-away view of the battle between Superman and an "immense" sized villain, while the other, shown at the top of this story, zooms in close to Superman during this pivotal moment of the fight.

Superman Unchained #1 from Scott Snyder and Jim Lee, premieres June 2013, the same month as the live-action film Man of Steel.

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