July's Superior Spider-Month: 'Big Changes' to SPIDER-MAN

"Everything lays ground work. Don't miss a single issue."


That's what writer Dan Slott is saying about Superior Spider-Man this spring leading up to "Superior Spider-Month" in July 2013. The story so far comes to a head in Superior Spider-Man #9 which promises a "status quo" change, and then July's #14 brings in "new allies, a new look, and an all-new agenda," says Slott.

In an interview with Marvel.com, Slott teased lightly what was coming up for the series. Most of his teases, like a return by the Green Goblin though "we have not yet seen who is under the mask" have already been out there thanks to solicitations and prior interviews. However, he told Marvel.com that fans can't downplay issues #9 and #14. After the "massive change" of #9, there will be something "that Spider-Man doesn't do" in #14 that will shock fans once again.

"Change your expectations. Everything that you think Spider-Man can't do? That's off the table," says Slott.

"I could not stop smiling while I was writing [issue #14]. It’s the issue where everything explodes, explosions and craziness and we literally change the face of the New York of the Marvel Universe."

There will also be the continued changes to the Raft as J. Jonah Jameson fights to have it closed down, as well as a confrontation with Spider Slayer and continued suspicion from members of both the hero and villain communities, as well as Spidey's own friends and family.

We know that Carlie Cooper, she pretty much had it all laid out for her on a platter. She’s not out there going “Spider-Man’s weird,” she’s going “I think he might be Doc Ock.” So we’ve seen Carlie in the past when she’s been trying to figure things out where she really dots her t’s and crosses her i’s, [but] she can’t just walk up to the Avengers or Mayor Jameson and go “I think there’s been a mind swap.” It’s just so ludicrous. She better have all her information, she better have a lock solid case."

Beyond the next several issues, readers will see continued storylines with Green Goblin, the return of Spider-Man 2099 to the 616 universe and timeline, and Agent Venom and Superior Spider-Man will come "face to face" in a story Slott heavily teased, noting that he's kept the characters apart up until now on purpose.

Superior Spider-Man #7 is in stores now.

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