DC's WE CAN BE HEROES Campaign Hits Goal, Expands

DC Entertainment launched the "We Can Be Heroes" campaign to help bring awareness and aid to the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa last year, and met their two-year goal of $2 million in just one. To expand the campaign encouraging fans of the Justice League to be real-life heroes, DCE is launching an indigogo crowd-funding aspect to We Can Be Heroes, they announced via press release.

Starting today, April 2, 2013, at indiegogo.com, rotating incentives encouraging donations will be available, each mini-campaign focusing on one member of the Justice League. The first, running through May 7, 2013, focuses on Batman with incentives like a signed, sketched, numbered Batman: Earth One hardcover, t-shirts, special events, studio tours, other signed comics, games, and much more. More information at the link and in the video below.

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