Grant Morrison Thinks There Should NOT Be a New ROBIN

Batman Inc. #10 cover (at least 1/2 of it) Batman Inc.

#10 cover

(at least 1/2 of it)

If Grant Morrison had his way, DC wouldn't replace Damian Wayne with a new Robin anytime soon.

"One of the reasons I did this was to take Batman back to the very beginning," Morrison told USA Today on Sunday. "So when I was finished, all the toys go back in the box and what you've got left is a Batman driven by vengeance, Alfred's a butler, there's a Batcave and that's it.

"I wanted to take him to what he was at the start, and it's probably a good idea to just let him run around on his own."

Morrison has received a lot of media attention lately because his seven-year run on various Batman titles introduced Bruce Wayne's 10-year-old son Damian Wayne, establishing him as Robin for several years before eventually ending the character's life. Morrison has since revealed that Damian Wayne's death in February's Batman Incorporated was the writer's plan for the character all along.

As soon as news of the death became public, readers were speculating about whom DC will put into the now-vacant role of Robin. Newsarama even made a list of the top 10 applicants for the job of Robin, and readers have echoed our No. 1 candidate Harper Row, a new female do-gooder who was introduced in Scott Snyder's Batman last year.

Batman Inc. #11

But Newsarama's No. 5 idea for Robin actually agreed with Morrison's wishes — that no one fill the role. It might make "business" sense for DC Entertainment to have a Robin to help sell comic books, but in would it make "story" sense for a grieving Batman to rush to put another child in harm's way?

As we've pointed out before, it was something DC struggled with after Jason Todd died in the late '80s, as then-Batman editor Denny O'Neill told Newsarama. Because stories were becoming more realistic, the editor felt like he had to come up with a reason why Batman would put another child in danger, something "they didn't think about in the early days, when they made the first Robin character," O'Neil said. "But we had to think about that, because of the realism we were using at the time in the industry. It was a different time. I even hired somebody to design a costume that would afford maximum protection, thinking it might be acceptable to put a child in harm's way if he was well protected. We used almost none of that design, but we did think about those things at the time."

Batman Inc. #12

While it's possible DC might honor Morrison's wishes for a vacant Robin mantle — with his Batman Incorporated run ending with June's issue #12 — the writer himself has said it's completely out of his hands. He even told Newsarama that it's possible Damian will be brought back to life after he leaves Batman Inc.:

"That wouldn't bother me at all, if it was done well and if someone really had a good idea for it," he said of Damian's potential for resurrection. "But I don't imagine that's going to happen for awhile. It's certainly not going to happen in my story. So all the people that are hoping for a happy ending for Damian can forget it. But other writers? That kind of thing is beyond my control and beyond the scope of my story. There are always possibilities."

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