ONCE UPON A TIME Gets Graphic Novel with Marvel Comics

Once Upon a Time has been a huge hit for ABC on television, and now, like their other big hit Castle, it's coming to ABC's sister company under Disney, Marvel Comics, the publisher announced on USAToday.com.

Once Upon a Time: Shadow of the Queen tells an all-new story set in the world of the show, will hit stores September 4, 2013. It's written by co-producer Daniel Thomsen and Corinna Bechko (Star Wars Legacy, Planet of the Apes). Each chapter is drawn by a different artist: Nimit Malavia, Vasilis Lolos, Mike Del Mundo, Stephanie Hans and Mike Henderson.

The story takes place mostly in the old home of Fairy Tale Land, and centers around the Queen, the Huntsman, and his "forced servitude" to the dark ruler. The writers are using the unique connection between the two characters to explore the nature of good and evil and to see which of the two can influence the other more. Snow White, Red Riding Hood, and "a few new faces" are on the way, as well.

Thomsen said he enjoys the power of graphic novels as a medium over television.

"I was able to go wild and not have to deal with the repercussions of ordering up millions of dollars worth of visual effects and locations we don't have."

Bechko, meanwhile says she's somewhat nervous about keeping the show's tone in her writing, but says the characters are so unique, she can imagine their thoughts well.

"You can imagine what they're saying actually coming out of that character," Bechko says. "It's very help and a lot of fun, too, if you understand who the character is ahead of time and then get to play with that a little."

Once Upon a Time has of course drawn comparisons to a comic book that has already been in print for years, Bill Willingham's Fables at Vertigo, which also features an assortment of fable and fairy tale characters stuck in a town in the real world, working jobs that mirror their fairy tale past.

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