PAX East Shows Off Updates to Faves Like SAINT'S ROW, More

PAX East 2013 Hands On/Preview Roundup Part One

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Capcom blitzed their PAX East panel audience with a host of titles ranging from legitimate new properties, cult hits, to the return of never-forgotten classics of the 8-bit and Arcade eras. Delivering on fan demand, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate brings the portable hit to the WiiU with an HD upgrade for the visuals, online multiplayer (one not limited to Nintendo’s network), AI controlled partner characters and cross-platform capability with the 3DS version. 


Dragon‘s Dogma: Dark Arisen

An expansion to the Dragon’s Dogma world, Dragon‘s Dogma: Dark Arisen will take players to a new convenient that features a massive underground lair/dungeon in pursuit of a being that considerers your defeat of the heart-stealing super dragon from the first game a laughable achievement at best. Like any expansion this game will feature not only new areas, but new enemies, skills and augments. Capcom also promises visual and gameplay performance upgrades for the original game and the ability to transfer your existing game saves when it is released on April 23.

Resident Evil Revelations

Another upgrade from the 3DS to the WiiU is Resident Evil Revelations which brings the survival horror neo-classic to consoles with the expected visual upgrade and a host of new features including new characters for its “Mercenaries” mode (Hunk and Rachel), an Infernal difficulty mode that remixes the experience with new item drop locations, more advanced enemies that appear sooner in gameplay and a new creature entirely: a wall-clinging monstrosity to catch players unaware. Resident Evil Revelations is set for release on May 21.

Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystrara

Announced at Pax East, two ground-breaking arcade brawlers, Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom and Dungeons & Dragons: Shadows over Mystrara, are being remastered, loaded with new features and sold as a downloadable double pack. Both games will feature on-line drop-in/out gameplay, loads of skill-based unlockables, real-time stat tracking (as seen in other recent Capcom re-releases like Marvel vs. Capcom Origins) and the ability to tweak the game’s settings to create a set of ‘house rules.’ 


Saint‘s Row IV

In a closed-door, hands off video presentation, a few more details about the semi-controversial release of Saint‘s Row IV were revealed. First, and most interesting to those who wanted to know some more of the story behind the ‘lost’ Saint’s Row the Third expansion: Enter The Dominatrix and why what was revealed about that looks so much like what appears to be in Saint‘s Row IV is because both the expansion and the new title were in development at the same time by two different teams and a decision was made to combine their efforts so no one’s efforts would go to waste. To that extent it was all but announced that the first expansion to Saint‘s Row IV will be Enter The Dominatrix. Of the gameplay, we see the newly elected President of the United States, the boss of the Saints, already trapped in the dark, twisted ‘virtual’ Steelport created by the alien Zin to break his (and humanity‘s) will. However the Boss of the Saint’s doesn’t go down that easy, as is shown using a pair of wild new weapons: the Inflato Ray that expands people big-head mode style until they burst and the Dub Step gun, that compels people (and cars) to dance in the instant rave it creates. The boss is also shown using virtual money (called cache) to buy a rocket launcher, which is one of the many weapons that can be ‘costumed’ and not just re-skinned, in this case as either an El Mariachi-style guitar case or one that looks like a SNES Super Scope. However after using a mecha to blow stuff up for a while, he activates his super-powers that include a massive leaping ability, gliding, an airborne smash attack and freezing bolts. The demo ends just as the Boss is confronted by the alien’s ‘hero,’ The Warden.

Spartacus Legends

Fans of the gory Spartacus series on Starz will get a chance to step into the Ludus and the Arena themselves for this free-to-play, online 3D fighting and business simulator hybrid. In virtual Capua, you take your stable of fighters around to compete in matches to earn money (for you) and experience (for them). However, your hands don’t entirely stay clean, as you control your fighter in individual best of three matches with (as seen in the demo) two swords, a sword and shield or spear/net. Fights feature large and detailed characters and a control scheme that works in the show’s signature slow-motion attacks and brutality up to and including losers being dismembered or decapitated. Though information exists that your investment in time and (likely real) money in a fighter will not be lost, as your can buy your fighter back to health/life.

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