MARVEL HEROES Launch Date, PvP Details Announced

Marvel Heroes is coming, and thanks to their PAX East panel this weekend, we know when - and many more details about the upcoming Action-MMORPG written by Brian Michael Bendis and developed by Gazillion Entertainment.

By announcing its launch date, the team behind the upcoming Marvel Heroes MMO kicked off one of its last per-release panels with an in-game trailer a tribute to Boston, American Independence and fireworks (of the superhuman kind).

To catch up attendees that were learning about the game for the first time, Marvel Heroes is described as an isometric Action-MMORPG featuring massive, randomly generated zones. There are 22 playable Marvel characters at launch, special event missions, costumes from the classic comics up to those based on scans of the costumes worn in the latest Marvel movies including Iron Man 3.

The panel was also proud to announce some of the voice cast, most of which had voiced their corresponding superheroes in past animated series, like Steve Blum as Wolverine and Fred Tatasciore as The Hulk. Ultimate Spider-Man’s Drake Bell will be Spider-Man (which the crowd was not happy about until it was reveled that Christopher Barns from the 90s Spider-Man series will be voicing the special pre-order Symbote costume Spider-Man). More casting included Scott Porter as Cyclops, Keith David as Nick Fury, Lex Lang as Doctor Doom, April Stewart as Jean Grey, Chris Cox as Hawkeye and Colossus, David Boat as The Thing, and gaming VO mainstay Nolan North as Deadpool (and Pirate Deadpool!).

Each hero will have five costumes at launch, some of which can be bought with real money and some of which will only drop as rare loot. On costumes, it was announced that on the Marvel Heroes website, there is a poll right now to decide The Hulk’s last launch costume: White Tux Mr. Fix-It, Age of X Hulk, Hulk as War of the Horsemen of Apocalypse or ‘Tibetan’ Ultimate Hulk.

The full launch roster is: Black Panther, Black Widow, Cable, Captain America, Colossus, Cyclops, Daredevil, Deadpool, Emma Frost, Hawkeye, Hulk, Human Torch, Iron Man, Jean Grey, Luke Cage, Ms. Marvel, Nova, Punisher, Rocket Raccoon, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, Squirrel Girl, Storm, Thing, Thor, and Wolverine.

The panel then announced their plans for PvP. It will be playable at launch with account-based factions in specially designated PvP only zones. PvP will also have a story based element to tie it back to the main game. Experience will even transfer between PvP and PvE, but individual hero powers will be tweaked to balance the experience.

For Endgame play, a top of crafting and looting each hero has a special Ultimate Power that is designed to aid in competing special team-based challenges that arrive for high level characters. Ultimate Powers are only upgradeable via finding the hero-unlocking tokens for characters you have already unlocked to encourage more looting and raiding.

The digital Founders Packs come in Starter, Premium, and Ultimate flavors for $20, $60, and $200 respectively. Each offers more than just a character, with exclusive costumes and XP boosts as well as bonus in-game funds packaged in. The Ultimate Edition gives you all starting game content (characters, costumes) including exclusive costumes and permanent boosts.

Finally, after reiterating that the only way to guarantee get the launch character your want is to buy it pre-launch, the release dates were revealed: May 28, 2013 (Ultimate), May 31, 2013 (Premium), June 2, 2013 (Standard), and the general free-to-play release date of June 4, 2013. The game will ship playable on PC, but Mac OS was also confirmed for post-launch release (no exact timetable was given).

The new "Villains" trailer follows below.

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