GREEN LANTERN: TAS - WB Artist Shows What Could Have Been


We haven't written our final goodbyes to Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series just yet, because frankly, the wound is a little too raw.

The team of GL:TAS remains active on twitter, and storyboard artist at Warner Brothers Jake Castorena gave a special treat to fans a couple of nights ago. In what the artist self-described as a "fangirl moment," he gave a tease of what could have been if the show had a second season. The season one (and series) finale showed Red Lantern Razer flying off into space, hoping he would find a way to restory his love, Aya. A blue ring chasing him was the final shot of the show.

Here's what happens next. We'll let you click for the word balloon and what the Blue Lantern would have to say when re-introduced.

And then we'll let you weep your manly tears, because darn it, this would've been so cool to see.

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